Calacatta Gold Arriving in Austin

Architectural Tile & Stone is pleased to announce the recent arrival of 16 more slabs of beautiful, lustrous, top-of-the-line Calacatta Gold. Imagine this in YOUR home…

February 2012 Calacatta Gold


The story of a Calacatta Gold ceiling in a shower

We have the product and we have the know-how.

When one of the top architects in Austin comes together with a top builder on a very challenging project, they look to Architectural Tile & Stone. They need not only expertise and experience with similar projects, but also the finest Italian import slabs available.

Earlier this week, we successfully “lifted” and set in place this large, 4’x8’ slab of magnificent Calacatta Gold. As this will be a steam shower, we placed the slab at a slight slope to avoid the formation of “cold rain” drops.

Being the only (Marble Institute of America) accredited shop in Austin gives the client the confidence that we are capable, as does the builder’s previous experience with ATS installing a slab marble ceiling. The previous project was one we are very proud of, and it was on the AIA (American Institute of Architects) tour this past fall of 2011.

Keep track of this blog for the installation of the walls. They are 10 feet tall!!

Designing From the Stone Up

Start with a slab

Solid slab stone is highly desirable for countertops both as a creative focal point to build around and with the functionality of a solid surface without grout lines. Consider our Italian imports such as Calacatta Gold, Dolce Vita, Gran Fossil, or Pietra Del Cardosa. We have many options for you to choose from!

Build a design

There is a wide and exciting variety of stone available now for countertops, and an even larger selection available for backsplash, floor and wall tile in the forms of natural stone, glass, ceramic, porcelain, metal, etcetera. Choose your countertop material first as the focal point of your kitchen and build the supporting design around your selection. Your slab should be considered the star of the show, with the sustaining elements built to maximize the pop while harmonizing an overall design.

Suggestion by Laura

We Are Here to Help

Our creative consultants specialize in helping clients turn ideas into reality. With the volume of styles, forms, colors and materials available, selections and design possibilities can be almost overwhelming. Whether it’s a new construction project or a remodel, our consultants will delight in helping you design the ideal solution for your space. Peace of mind and the pleasure of sustainable, dynamic results… a winning combination!

Suggestion by Stephanie

Bold European Statements for Your Home

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Two of our recent installations:

Pietra Del Cardosa is a quartzite, calcite based sandstone. This beautiful, satiny smooth stone with many of the same characteristics of marble is quarried near Tuscany, Italy.

Daino Reale is a lustrous marble from a bedrock quarry in Sardinia, Italy. Consider the ambiance of sun-drenched Italy in your own home!


January Arrivals From the Mediterranean


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Newly arrived from Italy, these stunning marble slabs are now available for your special applications! Opulent and lustrous, these stones are natural showpieces for your home or business.


Bring Italy Home with Calacatta Gold


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I recently traveled to Italy to see first hand why we are experiencing a shortage of the popular stone Calacatta Gold. The Carrara area of Italy offers several white marbles using the name Calacatta, but there is only one exclusive Calacatta Gold (or Oro), the most desired. After a couple of days relaxing in the Cinque Terre area we met on Tuesday with the quarry owners. We piled in to a small Fiat for a race to the top of the mountain outside of Carrara. We saw first hand that the section of the quarry where the block was being cut was yielding only 1 high quality block per every 30 cut. They needed to turn the corner to get back to the section they know consistently produces the excellent quality that is sought after all over the world. The estimation was March, 2012 before this will occur, meaning there will be a shortage until summer.

After seeing this situation we traveled to our top suppliers in search of some material that would satisfy our needs through March. We not only purchased three bundles (30 slabs) of the Calacatta Gold, but also many other white stones while in Carrara, including two very interesting linear patterned marbles from the Calacatta Gold quarry called Zebrino.

After our buying spree in Carrara of some four containers we headed to the beautiful and vibrant city of Verona. There we met with three suppliers of mainly granite. Of special note, I purchased sandstone in slab form and tiles called Pietra Serena, a very clean and consistent grey stone commonly used inItaly as door and window casings. Another special find is a limestone called London Fog, a cool pale grey-green stone. Our last night was spent in Milan visiting the beautiful and restored Duomo Il Milano, the magnificent Italian marble cathedral that took over 5 centuries to complete.

Over the months of December and January we will be receiving these exciting new materials into our showroom. Make your plans to come see them soon!


Stunning New Slabs

Your home, your showplace. Muse on some of our beautiful new slabs… elegant, unique, dramatic!